Temporary excavation stabilisation solutions

If you are constructing a new build, we can install temporary support structures to stabilise the excavated site before constructing permanent retaining walls. Get in touch with our team in Dawlish with your specific requirements.

Excavator hire for customers across the UK

At Westpointe Ltd, we offer complete ground engineering services which include excavator hire and ground stabilisation. We install Platipus anchors in combination with geotextiles and mesh reinforcements to stabilise cut faces up to 70 degrees. Our engineers will install the anchors in restricted spaces by using either excavator mounted or hand-held equipment. As experts in ground and structural engineering, we use anchors instead of heavy internal shoring and sheet pilling to stabilise excavation sites. 

Mechanical anchors for all soil conditions

Our mechanical anchors are designed to work in all displaceable soil conditions and can achieve loads from 5kN to 200kN and can be installed using hand held equipment without the need for expensive drilling equipment. We can help you eliminate the long curing times or mess associated with conventional grout anchors. Each anchor is individually proof loaded by our skilled engineers. 

Permanent support structures 

In addition to excavation stabilisation services, we can also install anchors to support and stabilise retaining walls, slopes, scaffolding and more. We use state-of-the-art ground and wall anchoring systems to achieve stability without compromising on the integrity of the structure. Based in Dawlish, we offer excavation hire for property developers in Devon and across the UK.