Slope Stabilisation and Anchored Reinforced Grid Solutions

Slope Stabilisation

Slopes, Embankments & Excavations can be quickly and cost effectively stabilised using Platipus Earth Anchoring Systems, erosion control coir matting and a variety of appropriate geotextiles. This method of Soil-Nailing can be carried out on slopes up to 70 degrees with the anchors installed using hand-held equipment, lending itself to restrictive access working, with rope access techniques often adopted. This mechanical anchor system, when compared to traditional soil nailing, eliminates the need for expensive drilling equipment, long curing times or the mess associated with conventional grouted anchors.

Cut Face Slopes - Temporary Excavation Support

Excavations, cuts & over steep slopes can be quickly and cost effectively stabilised using Platipus Earth Anchoring Systems, mesh reinforcement and soldiers. This method of Temporary Works carried out ‘top-down’ can stabilise cut faces up to 70 degrees. The anchors are installed using either excavator mounted or hand-held equipment for restrictive access working. This mechanical anchor system eliminates the need for heavy internal shoring or sheet piling and provides unrestrictive access for permanent construction works. By upgrading the specification, the anchors can be built into the permanent works to provide additional load restraint.

Anchored Reinforced Grid Solutions

Stabilising slopes offers many significant challenges. We use Platipus Anchor’s Percussive Driven Earth Anchors PDEA with a suitable surface or facing material to make an Anchored Reinforced Grid Solution ARGS.

This system is ideal for stabilising slopes where over steepening, excess water, poor drainage or lack of deep rooted vegetation have caused erosion or instability.

Platipus ARGS can be used in many situations:

• Erosion Control
• Shallow Slides
• Deep Seated Failures
• Cut Face Slopes

The benefits of Platipus ARGS:

• Cost effective
• Economical fast installation
• Immediately quantifiable anchor loads
• Low environmental impact
• Encourages vegetation regrowth
• Incorporation Plati-Drain reduces pore water pressures.

For the stabilisation of retaining walls and slopes in Devon and across the UK, contact Westpointe Ltd, Dawlish, for more information.

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