Other Services

If you are undertaking deep or steep excavations, we can offer you an alternative to steel sheet piles or heavy internal shoring. A Temporary Works design, incorporating Platipus Earth Anchoring Systems, can be provided to stabilise cut faces up to an angle of 70 degrees.

Temporary Excavation Support

Excavations, cuts & over steep slopes can be quickly and cost effectively stabilised using Platipus Earth Anchoring Systems, mesh reinforcement and soldiers. This method of Temporary Works carried out ‘top-down’ can stabilise cut faces up to 70 degrees. The anchors are installed using either excavator mounted or hand-held equipment for restrictive access working. This mechanical anchor system eliminates the need for heavy internal shoring or sheet piling and provides unrestrictive access for permanent construction works.

Retaining Wall Reconstruction

We offer a range of retaining wall reconstruction services for all types of retaining walls. We offer cost effective design and rebuild solutions for sheet piled walls, gabions, reinforced masonry, traditional brick, block, stone and more. Our wall designs can incorporate Platipus Earth Anchoring Systems for temporary and permanent works, deep drainage solutions for the reduction of hydrostatic pressures, reduced wall construction by means of providing anchor restraint load to counteract overturning and sliding.

Structural Repair Specialists

We are a specialist structural repair company providing lasting remedial solutions for all types of retaining wall defect. We offer a range of concealed masonry reinforcement systems to stitch cracks, consolidate delaminated masonry, increase bed joint strength and more, to strengthen the structure and enhance its ability to withstand the forces acting upon it. We undertake localised rebuilding works to replace defective walling elements, cut out and replace broken bricks, repoint weathered brick and masonry, core weep holes, and much more.

Sympathetic Reconstruction

We specialise in the use of natural hydraulic lime mortars to undertake rebuilding, resetting, and repointing works of historic, ecclesiastic and listed structures. Working with conservation at the fore, we offer sympathetic reconstruction and repair solutions. Where retaining structures are failing due to active earth pressures, we are able to strengthen the existing structures by installing concealed Platipus Earth Anchoring Systems. These provide the additional restraint load required and the anchors are concealed behind stone cut slithers.

Platipus Anchor Installers

The Platipus Earth Anchoring System is an innovative and versatile mechanical spade anchor that can be quickly and effectively installed into all displaceable ground conditions using hand held or excavator mounted equipment. It is a time and cost saving alternative to traditional means of restraint anchoring. Platipus Anchors do not require grout, thus eliminating curing time and contamination. Platipus Anchors are available in a range of sizes and materials to suit soil conditions, required loading and life span.

Technical Guidance, Support & Design

With over 25 years of experience and numerous successfully completed projects, we offer pre contract site evaluation, anchor testing and conceptual proposals outlining possible anchor solutions and costings. We understand each project is unique and are able to offer, through our Geotechnical and Structural Consulting partners, full remedial design packages incorporating strengthening proposals and anchor specifications.

Anchor Solutions for Scaffolds, Structures, & More

We have over 25 years of experience in providing anchor solutions for all types of structures. We have designed and installed systems for retaining walls, slopes, erosion control, rock fall netting, temporary excavation works, gabions, sheet piles, scaffolds, steel structures, radars, sports domes, prefabricated buildings, pitch covers, air balloons, zip wires, climbing frames and many more.

Rock Bolting & Netting

Using specialist rope access techniques, with lightweight rig equipment or hand-held methods, we can install rock bolts and dowels to anchor and secure high strength rock netting and erosion control matting to steep slopes or exposed rock head. We undertake localised rock dentistry, cliff face descaling and the installation of rock fall netting and safety protection barriers.

Steel Sheet Piling

For both temporary and permanent work solutions, using excavator mounted Movax side grip hammers, we install driven steel sheet piles for deep earth retaining structures. We can provide all associated pile designs and install both cantilevered and anchored piling. Platipus Earth Anchoring Systems are installed to provide additional restraint load along the length of the structure.

Anchored Gabion Walling

We can install Platipus Earth Anchoring Systems through existing defective Gabion structures or build new Gabion walling with integrated restraint anchors. Our engineers have the expertise to build new walling systems or stabilise existing gabions without disturbing the integrity of the structure.  We can provide designed solutions to meet all your requirements.