Slope Stabilisation

Slope stabilisation systems for projects across the UK

Due to harsh weather conditions, soil erosion can cause serious damage to property. At Westpointe Ltd, we offer a range of erosion control and slope stabilisation systems that are tailored to site specific requirements and conditions.
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Slope stability and management solutions by experts

A good cover of vegetation is widely regarded as one of the most environmentally acceptable and cost-effective control methods of erosion and soil stabilisation. By using Platipus ground anchors, erosion control coir matting and a variety of appropriate geotextiles, our experts can design efficient slope stabilisation systems for your project. They also promote the germination of seeds by maintaining moisture and temperature control.

Depending on your requirements, we can design temporary blankets which are generally degradable and made from vegetable matter or permanent blankets which are manufactured from non-degradable plastics and offer long term protection for critical areas. We are based in Dawlish and serve clients in Devon and nationwide, contact us with your requirements.
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What do we offer? 

  • Reinforced earth slopes
  • Soil nailing
  • Erosion control blankets
  • Ground anchors
  • Facing systems
Scaffolding erection
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Customised methods of revegetating slopes

For the retention of topsoil on barren slopes, our team of specialists at Westpointe Ltd offer a variety of slope stabilisation systems. Our methods include geosythetic cellular or tanalised timber containment systems designed to hold and prevent slippage. In extreme environments, our system is necessary to provide an addition erosion control blanket over the soil cells to reduce wash-off and slumping.
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For the construction of new retaining walls for projects in Devon and across the UK, contact Westpointe Ltd, Dawlish, for more information. 
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