Rockbolts & Netting

Geonets for terrain stabilisation 

At Westpointe Ltd, we can design and install geosynthetics for geotechnical, land development and agricultural applications. Get in touch with our team in Dawlish for more information.
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Rock bolt installation for all types of terrain

If you are undertaking a construction project and need geonets to stabilise rock cuttings, we can help. At Westpointe Ltd, we supply and install a variety of rock bolts for different applications. We have a team of trained operatives to install rock bolts and geonets. Our experts can provide a range of net and mesh combinations to suit the type of rock in the area. Rockfall netting forms a continuous curtain to control the fall of loose rock and to encourage stabilisation of the rock face by promoting the growth of vegetation.
Slope stabilisation
soil erosion matting

Matting to control soil erosion

Underneath the rockfall netting, our engineers can place erosion control matting to protect vulnerable slopes from rain, wind and surface run-off. The matting bio-degrades over time and the new vegetation takes over the function of protecting the soil from erosion. 
Masonry services
ground anchoring system

Experts in ground anchoring systems

We can install rock bolts, rockfall netting and other types of geonets for domestic, commercial and agricultural land. You can count on us for rock bolt installation and slope stabilisation services in Devon and throughout the UK. Contact us to schedule a site survey. 
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For rock bolt installations in Devon and across the UK, get in touch with Westpointe Ltd today. We are based in Dawlish. 
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