Retaining Wall Stabilisation

Retaining wall construction and stabilisation services in the UK

Retaining walls are required for almost all types of construction projects and our engineers can design and build anchored retaining walls for enhanced stability. We offer our services to builders, property developers and local councils in Devon and across the UK.  
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Stabilisation solutions for retaining walls

Ensuring the stability of retaining walls is essential to maintain the structural integrity of the building. At Westpointe Ltd, we offer innovative and proven methods to stabilise existing retaining walls. Our engineers use Platipus ground anchors, soil nails or rock anchoring, depending on the condition of the soil, to create a support structure for the retaining walls. Platipus ground anchor systems can be installed using hand-held and excavator mounted equipment in a variety of soil conditions to depths ranging from 3 to 12m. They are capable of generating loads in excess of 200kN and are available in a range of materials to suit short and long term life requirements. We are fully qualified to work on retaining walls on domestic and commercial properties, roadsides, waterways and more.   
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Weep holes to reduce water pressure on retaining walls

While constructing or stabilising retaining walls for waterways, it is important to keep in mind the water pressure behind the wall. We can design an efficient drainage system with weep holes to reduce the pressure on the walls. We use Plati drain which reduces the pore water pressure in clay slopes and behind temporary or permanent retaining structures.  
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Maximum utilisation of your site

At Westpointe Ltd, we can design and built retaining walls to help you make the maximum use of your site. We can build retaining walls based on your requirements and the soil condition. Get in touch with our team in Dawlish for retaining wall construction in Devon and throughout the UK. We can also help with brick wall stabilisation and slope stabilisation services.   
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For the construction of new retaining walls for projects in Devon and across the UK, contact Westpointe Ltd, Dawlish, for more information. 
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