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Skilled in masonry restoration and preservation

Are the boundary walls of your property weakening? Do you need to fasten a fixture to your ceiling? We can supply and install masonry anchors to attach any load to your wall or to prevent it from collapsing. Contact our team in Dawlish.
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Solutions to reinstate the structural integrity of your walls

At Westpointe Ltd, we offer a range of concealed masonry reinforcement systems that strengthen the exterior and interior walls of your building, thus avoiding the need for demolition or a rebuild. Our experts will study the construction and the current state of your walls to determine which brick fastener must be installed. As one of the leading ground and structural engineering companies in the Devon, we offer our services to customers across the UK. We are the only provider of the Platipus wall anchoring system in the South West and across the Midlands. 
Rock bolts
helical bed joint

Helical bed joint reinforcement

Our Dawlish-based team specialises in the installation of helical stainless steel reinforcement rods to help combat the effects of movement. The helical shape of the rod together with the grout disperses the load and offers resistance to further cracking.
Retaining wall stabilisation
cintec sock anchor

Cintec sock anchors  

Cintec anchors are used to stitch together delaminated masonry or provide wall terminations for Platipus ground anchors. The fabric sock, surrounding the anchor, expands under the pressure of the grout to fill the hole. The excess grout and the bonding agent pass through the fabric to form a chemical and mechanical bond. 
Anchored walls
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We supply and install masonry anchors to prevent walls from cracking, bulging, rotating and sliding. Contact Westpointe Ltd, Dawlish, for structural engineering services in Devon and throughout the UK.
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